In anticipation of the 2023/24 summer, TCP have developed a comprehensive resource platform, allowing you to explore the response packages, access support and discover valuable information provided by Partners and various organisations throughout Australia.

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TCP recognises and celebrates the rich values of knowledge sharing, storytelling, connected ecosystems and human/community-centred thinking that has been a part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures for thousands upon thousands of years. We also recognise the concept of Community, with a capital C, and through our connection and appreciation for lived experience and emphasis on true collaboration and unity, we aim to honour this tradition of Community.


TCP offers an extensive resource library featuring the latest research, reports and information guides.


Featured Projects

The partnership offers the community a range of quality projects
The One Stop One Story Hub

The One Stop One Story Hub

One Stop One Story Hub is a world-first cross-sector digital platform connecting people in our community to support programs simply and easily through a single-entry point in a safe and secure way
Better Practice Guide Project

Better Practice Guide Project

Supporting our staff to support our communities.

This guide provides practical guidance for all organisations about current better practices for staff awareness and training. It should be used as a reference for key concepts and suggestions that can help to underpin better practice in action.

TCP Connect  Webinars

TCP Connect Webinars

Connect. Collaborate. Change. Insightful conversations on emerging issuses.

TCP Connect Webinars feature prominent changemakers, researchers and community sector leaders, exploring emerging data, key challenges and new perspectives on the biggest issues affecting communities across the country.

Fostering Financial Stability for People in Prison

Fostering Financial Stability for People in Prison

People in prison don't need to pay twice. Financial stability can break the cycle of recidivism.

This lived experience research and collaborative project explores the various challenges that often leave people in a worse financial position upon leaving prison and explores the co-creation of opportunities for fairer financial outcomes.

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