In a fair and connected system, everyone would have an adequate standard of living and be free from discrimination.

Thriving Communities Partnership (TCP) works together to create deeper awareness and connections across communities, organisations and government by building collaborative networks and platforms for collective learning and action. Anyone and everyone experiences vulnerability over their lifetime. We focus on understanding vulnerability and uniting and developing systems that work better for all people.

  • Our Scope - collaboration and innovation so that all people in Australia have access to the modern essential services they need to thrive
  • Our Insight - the challenge is not to fix people, rather to unite and shape a system around what works better for people.
  • Our Response - a cross sector collaboration to transform our ecosystem

Understanding Vulnerability

Despite nearly $500 billion being spent annually on health, welfare, education and housing, millions of people in Australia are still living in, or on the edge of, vulnerability or poverty.

These statistics are not shifting over time, and they're worsening with the impacts of the 2019/20 Australian bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic.

The Thriving Communities Partnership Understanding Vulnerability report takes a deep dive into the impacts and influencing factors of vulnerability and the benefits of proactive and holistic approaches to proactive prevention.

Our Strategic Focus Areas 

The Thriving Communities Partnership works collaboratively across four strategic focus areas based around risk factors of vulnerability. These include:

  • Family Violence, Economic Abuse and Institutional Abuse
  • Health and Accessibility
  • Unexpected life events
  • Cost of Living

For more information about our programs of work in these areas: What We Do





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