Illness and Disability

Physical and mental illness and disability can make individuals far more susceptible to financial vulnerability. This vulnerability can occur very quickly – for example, after receiving a large medical bill – or it can creep in slowly as the illness or disability slowly erodes a person’s ability to meet their financial commitments. 17.8% of people with a disability that limits their core activities are currently living in poverty. This is significantly higher than the overall adult poverty rate of 12.8%. (Source: ACOSS Poverty Report 2016).

Here you will find a range of resources outlining how we are working to support customers who may be living with illness or disability.

Members are encouraged to generate and contribute to discussions – the more we share together, the more we learn together – and to participate in building the knowledge base by offering to feature resources. If you would like to feature a resource on this topic you can reach us via email at

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