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Here you will find a repository of publications concerning vulnerability among Australians who have experienced family violence

Restoring Financial Safety: collaborating on responses to economic abuse - WEstjustice, July 2018

Authored by Stephanie Tonkin Policy Director (Women, Health & Fines) and Principal Lawyer at WEstjustice, this report describes a new model of assisting people experiencing economic abuse that has improved the financial security and financial safety of family violence victim/survivors Download Report (PDF 2MB) View Video Here (Vimeo)

Voices of Hope - VIC GOV, 2017

Commissioned by the Victorian State Government, Huddle delivers the first co-design project undertaken with victim survivors.  The Voices of Hope project explores the lived experiences of victim survivors and draws on their collective insight to give a deeper understanding of what's needed for people to have a better experience of the family violence service system and receive the support they need.  Download Report (PDF 2MB)

Moving Towards Better Practice - Implementing family violence policies in the Victorian water sector - ESC 2017

In May 2017, the Essential Services Commission announced code changes that will support family violence policies and guidelines that will be rolled out across Victoria, helping us to better support those experiencing family violence. Download Report (PDF 2.4MB)                                                 

Economic Security for Survivors of Domestic and Family Violence: Understanding and Measuring the Impact - GSANZ 2016

Undertaken by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, this research makes a series of recommendations for policy and practice that better respond to economic insecurity for survivors of domestic and family violence.  Download Report (PDF 1.8MB)

Royal Commission into Family Violence: Summary and recommendations - 2016

Family violence can cause terrible physical and psychological harm, particularly to women and children. It destroys families and undermines communities. Recognition of the harm family violence causes, and of the need to invest in family violence reforms to assure the future wellbeing and prosperity of all Victorians, resulted in the establishment of this Royal Commission into Family Violence on 22 February 2015.  Download Report (PDF 19MB)

Women’s Technology Safety: National Study Findings - DVRCV 2013

In 2013, DVRCV conducted the first Australian study into the use of technology by perpetrators in the context of domestic violence. This Victorian-based study, called SmartSafe, utilised a multiple-methods approach and included two surveys: one with 152 domestic violence sector practitioners, and one with 46 women who had experienced domestic violence. The findings showed that the use of technology by perpetrators to stalk and abuse women was a significant emerging issue in Victoria.  Download Report (PDF 801KB)

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