Thriving Communities Partnership Charter

Breakthrough project – to create a set of principles that define how we can make a difference

The Thriving Communities Partnership is a cross-sector collaboration ensuring that everybody has fair access to the modern essential services they need to thrive in contemporary Australia, including utilities, financial services, telecommunications and transport.

Thriving Communities Partnership Charter

Membership of the TCP comes with commitment to a charter – to contribute to and implement policies, practices and initiatives that result in tangible change for people experiencing vulnerability or hardship. The impact of this commitment upon customer-centred approaches will be strengthened financial wellbeing and resilience, benefitting both customers and businesses alike.

One of the six breakthrough projects defined at our inaugural Vulnerability Roundtable was to create the charter that guides the actions of member organisations.

What is the purpose of the charter?

When finalised, the Thriving Communities Partnership Charter will provide a set of principles that define how our collective efforts can make a difference for people experiencing vulnerability and hardship. The charter will also serve as a guide for existing and prospective members, outlining values, commitments and expectations as a participant of the Thriving Communities Partnership.

Our charter will be an important first step in our journey as a cohesive and independent partnership working together with the shared objective of driving positive change.

How did we go?

On 24 August 2017 a co-creation workshop was held at the Melbourne Arts Centre to facilitate the collaboration of more than 50 organisations in the development of the charter.  Hear how our partners viewed the day.

Summary Charter Report

The following summary report captures the feedback received from the charter workshop held on 24 August 2017.  A full report can be found in our members section where you can comment and leave feedback.  

Download Summary Charter Report (PDF 1.5MB)

Draft Charter

The following draft charter captures the feedback received from the charter workshop held on 24 August 2017  Download Draft Charter (Word 38KB)

Login to the members section to provide feedback through our online discussion forum. 

Final Charter

Here you will find the finalised TCP Charter inclusive of partner feedback.  Our charter is an important milestone marking the completion of Breakthrough Project 1. Furthermore, the charter demonstrates the possibilities that can be achieved through co-creation and cross-sector partnerships.  Download TCP Charter (PDF 1.4MB)

We now invite members to become signatories to the charter.

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