Our Charter

Membership of the TCP comes with a commitment to the TCP Charter; to contribute to and implement policies, practices and initiatives that result in tangible improvement in the lives of people at risk of experiencing vulnerability. This commitment reflects an acknowledgement that all people may experience vulnerability at some time in their lives, and a whole-of-organisation approach is required to build a more supportive ecosystem. The impact of this commitment to people centred-approaches, will strengthen social, physical and financial wellbeing and resilience, benefiting both people and businesses alike.

The Charter

As responsible and committed organisations, members of the TCP recognise their services are essential for people to thrive in contemporary Australia. The reduction or loss of access to such services may impact on the rights of a person to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families.

The Thriving Communities Partnership calls on member organisations and their service delivery partners to commit to respect the rights and support the resilience of all people (consumers, customers, clients), particularly those experiencing vulnerability, through adoption and application of our charter of principles.

Our Principles

  1. Build trust with people & communities
  2. Create systems, processes and culture that make it easy to build trust
  3. Seek proactive and early intervention that supports people to thrive
  4. Participate in intra and cross-sector collaboration to develop systemic and sustained solutions

Like to know more? Download our Charter (PDF 1.4MB) and become a signatory today.


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