It's time to end homelessness: A promise to end homelessness with Homes for Homes - Tracy Longo, Chief Operating Officer, Homes for Homes

On Census night in 2021 more than 122,000 people experienced homelessness, an increase of 5% since 2016. The theme of Homelessness Week 2023 is ‘It’s time to end homelessness’, and as this number continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to address this complex and challenging issue.

Traditionally, when we think of people experiencing homelessness, we immediately think of a ‘rough sleeper’ on the streets

Traditionally, when we think of people experiencing homelessness, we immediately think of a ‘rough sleeper’ on the streets, however in reality with only 6.2% of people without a home sleeping rough, most people impacted by homelessness are unseen; people living in crisis accommodation, overcrowded dwellings or couch surfing.

Homelessness is often a result of circumstances such as family breakdown, violence, financial troubles, illness or housing stress. Ongoing societal issues such as an inadequate supply of housing, rental price hikes and cost of living, as well as overstretched homelessness services compound the issue.

Homelessness is not caused by one thing alone, and it is not solved by one government or organisation alone. We can’t let this go on. And at Homes for Homes, we won’t.

What is Homes for Homes?

Homes for Homes, created by The Big Issue, is a proven community-led solution, that raises funds for social and affordable housing through property donations. Owners and renters register their property with Homes for Homes, promising to donate 0.1% of their property’s sale price or rent. These funds are then granted to community housing providers in the state or territory of the donation to increase the supply of social and affordable housing.

For example, when a registered home sells for $750,000, a 0.1% tax-deductible donation of $750 is made to Homes for Homes for social and affordable housing projects. The property sold will remain registered with Homes for Homes, allowing for future donations whenever it sells again. That’s unless the new owner decides to withdraw from Homes for Homes, which they can do at any time.

Our Impact

To date Homes for Homes has granted over $1.8m in funding to 21 projects across Vic, NT, Qld, NSW, WA and the ACT. These projects will provide housing for more than 350 people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, including women experiencing homelessness and domestic violence, mothers and children, young people, Indigenous people and people with physical and mental health challenges.

One of our recently completed funded projects provides safe accommodation and wrap around support to pregnant women and new mothers experiencing homelessness. Jamie, one of the residents shares her experience of the new accommodation:

“I was homeless, living on a mattress on a floor. I didn’t have any support around me. In twelve months my whole life has turned around. I kind of had to pinch myself when I got to see the place because I couldn’t believe that something like this was available to someone like me.”

By working with the entire community, including developers and organisations from the not-for-profit and commercial sector, Homes for Homes is the catalyst to unlocking further funding for more housing projects and ending homelessness.

Together with Homes for Homes, you can help change lives for the better forever and create a society that makes us all feel proud. To find out more and get involved, get in touch with us here.

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