5 Preconditions of Effective Engagement

The recommendations identified in this report apply to a range of competitive markets where consumers need to engage with information, platforms or providers to choose and acquire a product that suits their needs. It is within this context that CPRC explores the concept of consumer engagement and the reforms that better support consumers in acquiring products suitable for their needs.

5 Preconditions of Effective Engagement


  1.      Barriers to access for consumers with reduced capacity or vulnerability are removed
  2.      Key product information is disclosed in a relevant, clear and comprehensible manner
  3.      Comparison tools are accurate, simple and effective
  4.      Switching costs (financial and nonfinancial) are low
  5.      Consumers are aware of how to access, assess and act on information



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5 Preconditions of Effective Consumer Engagement (PDF 7.3 KB)

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