Strategy Workshop 2018

With over 150 organisations on board, an interim board in place and several cross-sector interventions underway the TCP has achieved real momentum.  


Executive Summary

On Monday 26 March 2018, a number of the founding partners of the TCP met in Melbourne for a workshop. This workshop was facilitated by the National Sector Leader, Power & Utilities at KPMG, Cassandra Hogan and the TCP secretariat. Through co-creation, the purpose of this workshop was for partners to contribute toward our future vision, strategy and prioritisation of initiatives. 

Through refinement of our purpose, 4 strategic goals have emerged to lead our partnership into the future.  An emphasis on growing our movement will be an important grounding factor if we’re to achieve systemic change. This is not enough though, we need a collective commitment to learning and development so we can evolve with, and respond to complexity. Partnerships will remain the essence of who we are and how we go about influencing change; as will a focus on aligning and connecting communities with fair and complete access to services and support. Taken together, these goals create the framework for collective action and provide opportunity to influence meaningful change for those who need it most.

The thoughts, feelings and directions gathered through our May workshop are currently being used to refine our strategy, prioritisation and sustainability plan for the next three years. A formalised strategy document will be produced and distributed in the new Financial Year. A huge thanks to all our partners and supporters for growing this movement – a once in a lifetime opportunity to create positive step change for vulnerable communities.

The attached report captures the key outcomes of the workshop and is intended to guide our future direction. We now invite all partners to contribute feedback in our members discussion forum or via 

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