Year in Review 2017

The Thriving Communities Partnership officially commenced operation in June 2017. With the backing of Tim Costello (Chief Advocate), Cynthia Gebert (Head of Advisory) and our 20 founding, community and supporting partners we’ve been able to achieve a great deal in just 6 months.  Beyond the partner leadership group, we are pleased to say we now have over 140 organisations participating in our movement across Australia, and this number continues to grow.

This report outlines the key activities completed and in-flight as part of our phase 1 strategy to ‘pilot and test' a platform for partnership. This phase has focused on the following objectives:

  1.  pursue opportunities to demonstrate the value of partnerships
  2.  build a sustainable organisation, underpinned by a strong foundation for collaboration
  3.  create a presence to grow awareness and shape perceptions of legitimacy & opportunity
  4.  enrol others to build our partnership network

While these objectives will remain relevant into the new year, we will emphasise greater importance and activity with objectives 1 & 2 in the lead-up to June 2018.

I would like to personally thank you for your invested interests and contribution to our work thus far. Without the commitment of our partners we would be a vision without action. I look forward to all that we can accomplish together in 2018.

Ciara Sterling - 
Head of the Thriving Communities Partnership

Download Report (PDF 4.3MB)

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