Australian Retail Credit Association (ARCA)

Arca is the peak industry association for businesses using consumer information for risk and credit management. Arca is driven by the mandate to make credit work for all Australians. We bring together Australia’s leading credit providers and reporting bodies to improve data protection and make credit more visible, accessible and easily understood. Through advocacy, governance, education and engagement, we shape best practice and ensure Australia’s credit system is robust, respected and trusted.

Our Members include banks, mutual ADIs, finance companies and fintech credit providers, as well as all of the major credit reporting bodies (CRBs) and, through our Associate Members, many other types of related businesses providing services to the industry. Arca’s Members collectively account for well over 95% of all consumer lending in Australia.

Arca has established CreditSmart ( as an education and information resource that provides consumers with trusted, consistent messaging about credit reporting and broader credit health. In addition, Arca has developed law (Credit Reporting Code) and industry codes and guidance around credit reporting and issues related to credit decisions and credit management.


Arca was introduced to Ciara Sterling and the TCP team through work Arca had been doing to better understand domestic abuse, and the impact domestic abuse can have on a victim or victim-survivors credit report. As an industry association motivated by the desire to ensure systems work to achieve integrity, and beneficial outcomes for both industry and consumers, we believe wholeheartedly in models premised on like-minded people and organisations working together to share knowledge and achieve results.

Arca’s work touches on broader themes – improving financial literacy across the community, promoting credit health and empowering consumers to navigate the credit system. We’re especially keen to tap into the knowledge provided by the TCP network to improve outcomes for vulnerable consumers, especially those experiencing domestic abuse or elder abuse.

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