Belong -

As Australia’s first carbon-neutral telco, Belong helps Aussies live their best digital lives with simple and affordable plans for mobile, data and home internet.

Since Telstra brought them into the world in 2013, Belong have been champions of digital accessibility. Their collective reason for getting up each day is to help more Australians feel like they belong – by giving them tools to enjoy today’s digital world.

“I couldn’t be happier for Belong to join the Thriving Communities Partnership. These days, we all connect, learn and live so much of our lives online. Being digitally excluded means missing out on vital social and economic benefits. That's why we’re passionate about helping all Australians feel like they belong. Our whole team is so excited to learn from and collaborate with other TCP members to find better ways to support vulnerable members of our community, and work to close the digital divide.” - Amy Childs, Chief Customer Officer.

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