Financial Counselling Network -

The Financial Counselling Network (FCN) is a collaboration of fourteen not-for-profit community service organisations and local government.  The FCN supports the Western Australian community through the provision of a range of integrated and person-centred services with the aim of reducing the drivers and impacts of financial hardship in the Western Australian community. Where possible, systems-based approach is used to maximise impact.

Our financial support services include the delivery of financial counselling services across 26 locations, and the delivery of specialist small business financial counselling services.  We have a strong commitment to prevent hardship through improving financial resilience and wellbeing and conduct a variety of accessible workshops.

We operate an award-winning Service Centre, supporting those struggling with keeping utilities connected, and working with emergency relief providers across the State.  The focus of our Service Centre is to support clients get back on track through providing information and/or referrals through to other support services. The service also incorporates an energy coaching program for households with higher-than-expected energy use.

We have developed a co-designed and proven one on one financial coaching program.  We work with organisations to customise this program with a focus on improving the financial resilience and wellbeing of their employees and/or clients.


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