Financial Counsellors' Assosication of Western Australia - 

The Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia’s (FCAWA) vision is to promote financial resilience across Western Australia (WA), reducing the impacts of financial hardship. FCAWA’s primary objectives are to establish, monitor, and improve standards for the financial counselling sector in WA, and to provide a lead voice in advocating for fairer marketplace practices and hardship processes, to reduce debts and financial distress. FCAWA is a respected Peak body with well-developed links and networks with other services and organisations in the public, not-for-profit, and private realms. FCAWA is considered an expert in financial hardship, financial literacy, and financial counselling and has engagement within member, agency, and community sector forums and focus groups, with the intention of identifying emerging issues, recording current trends, and responding to social and systemic issues in the social services sector.

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