Good Shepherd Microfinance

Seventeen per cent of adults in Australia experience financial exclusion. That’s 3 million people unable to access a small amount of credit, a transaction account or general insurance. This places them and their families at risk of poverty and poor social, emotional and health outcomes.

Without savings or access to these basic financial products and services, meeting one-off expenses or unexpected costs can cause serious financial stress. Replacing a broken fridge, getting the car back on the road after an accident, or sending their child to school with the technology needed for a 21st century education can be a real struggle.

Good Shepherd Microfinance offers a suite of people-centred, affordable financial programs to people who are financially excluded. These programs promote economic wellbeing for people with low incomes, especially women and girls, and move clients from financial crisis to resilience and inclusion.

We work collaboratively with the corporate, government and community sectors to create people-centred programs that enable clients to realise their own economic wellbeing, as they define it themselves. This approach leaves clients feeling valued and in control of their finances and lives