HOST International - 

HOST International exists to make life better for displaced people as they seek and establish a new home. We help people to integrate into host communities by fostering humanity, hope and dignity and we challenge systemic issues that get in the way.

We work with people displaced by war, politics, climate and unbearable living standards, with a special focus on vulnerable people and those from a refugee background.

On the community side, we collaborate with former refugee communities, indigenous people and with local, regional, and international government and non-government organisations.

Our work is needed because displaced people and host communities are often separated, are disempowered to respond to local needs and the structured supports available are inadequate at fostering sustainable inclusion.

Our theory of change is three-fold, focusing on working alongside individuals to strengthen their wellbeing and self-agency, we help communities to create an inclusive environment for newcomers, and we drive changes in policy and resource allocation that reduce disadvantage and improve sustainability.

Our desired legacy is a world in which life is better for displaced people and the communities that they live in; one characterised by humanity, hope and dignity.

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