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Our people are pioneering, incisive, accountable and fearless in our commitment to create success for our clients. We provide a new level of legal service that bridges the gap between the law and modern business reality.

Mills Oakley has a proud tradition of assisting vulnerable members of the community to protect their rights. For many years, we partnered with Australia’s leading humanitarian law firm to provide pro bono services to the “missing middle.”

The term “missing middle” describes the growing number of low to moderate income earners in Australia who are ineligible for means-tested Legal Aid services but are unable to afford a private lawyer. To access the legal system, the missing middle often must make a difficult choice between incurring substantial financial hardship, self-representing or abstaining from pursuing their legitimate legal claims altogether.

After many years of collaboration and building expertise in this space, Mills Oakley took the step in January 2021 of launching our own not-for-profit law firm dedicated to supporting the missing middle. This firm, known as Everyday Justice, is staffed by lawyers with very significant experience in the social justice sector, together with volunteer law interns who wish to pursue legal careers in social justice and public interest law. Everyday Justice operates from every Mills Oakley office throughout Australia, with local MO staff and partners supplementing the Everyday Justice team with their own expertise and mentorship.  Everyday Justice has developed a specialised model whereby free legal services can be provided to eligible clients through the use of technology irrespective of location, making the service completely accessible to people living in regional, rural and remote areas, as well as those living in cities.

Everyday Justice operates in collaboration with The College of Law and many charities across Australia. If you are interested in working with Everyday Justice or you need pro bono advice, please visit the Everyday Justice website at this location.


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