Momentum Energy -

Momentum Energy sells electricity to customers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and on the Bass Strait islands. It also retails gas in Victoria. Momentum Energy is 100 per cent owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy.

Momentum Energy has campaigned strongly for greater transparency and fairness for customers.  It was one of the first retailers to “ditch the discount”, believing discounts are confusing and misleading for consumers.

Momentum Energy also has a strong record in customer service, having won a number of customer satisfaction and service awards.

Amy Childs - Managing Director

"I'm thrilled for Momentum Energy to be joining the Thriving Communities Partnership. One thing that is always front of mind for me working at Momentum Energy is that we are not just selling a product: electricity is an essential service that is fundamental to daily life. All Australians are entitled to affordable access to energy and in particular we need to find ways to better support vulnerable members of our community. The team at Momentum Energy is excited about being an active member of the Thriving Communities Partnership and we look forward to learning, collaborating and sharing ideas."

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