NAB is one of Australia’s largest banks.  With 35000 employees we serve more than 10million customers.

NAB provides a range of consumer banking products such as transaction accounts, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages to personal banking customers.  NAB is Australia’s largest business bank and has a significant Wealth division offering financial planning, superannuation, insurance and investment products. 

Together with our partner, Good Shepherd Microfinance, NAB have assisted over 420,000 low income Australians and New Zealanders with a suite of microfinance programs, aimed at building the financial resilience of Australians. NAB is an industry leader in how financial service providers should view and respond to customers who are doing it tough.  We understand that we have an important role to play in the lives of Australians and we want to be a bank that is there for our customers not only when they take out a home loan or sign up for their first credit card, we want to be their bank for life and how we respond and support customers in financial difficulty is a key part of being their bank for life. 

NAB’s approach to financial hardship was recognised in 2016 in Fortune magazine’s ‘Fifty companies that are changing the world’.

NAB has been involved in financial inclusion and financial resilience for many years.  For 12 years we have contributed to the financial inclusion of low income Australian’s through our partnership with Good Shepherd providing no and low interest loans.

For these reasons NAB is committed to supporting vulnerable consumers and sees the Thriving Community Partnerships as a vehicle for us to share best practice and together support our mutual customers through their challenging times.