QCOSS (Queensland Council of Social Service) - qcoss.org.au

The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) is the state-wide peak body representing the interests of individuals experiencing or at risk of experiencing poverty and disadvantage, and organisations working in the social and community service sector.

For 60 years, QCOSS has been a leading force for social change to build social and economic wellbeing for all. With members across the state, QCOSS supports a strong community service sector.

QCOSS, together with our members, continues to play a crucial lobbying and advocacy role in a broad number of areas including place-based activities, citizen-let policy development, cost-of-living advocacy and sector capacity and capability building.

QCOSS is part of the national network of Councils of Social Service lending support and gaining essential insight to national and other state issues. We believe that everyone in Queensland deserves to live a good life.  For many years QCOSS has examined the cost of living for people on low incomes, finding it is harder and harder for these households to make ends meet.  We advocate strongly for our elected leaders and policy makers to prioritise living affordability for every person in every community. The Thriving Communities Partnership provides another way to address this growing challenge.


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