Regional Opportunities Australia -

Regional Opportunity Australia (ROA) is a not-for-profit organisation that helps migrants and refugees move from cities to welcoming regional communities where it connects them to long-term employment.

ROA’s role is twofold; on one hand, it identifies and onboards migrants and refugees in cities who are unemployed or underemployed, then prepares them for regional jobs and lifestyle. On the other hand, it identifies employment opportunities within “Right” and “Ripe” regional communities.

ROA provides bespoke and end-to-end assistance to its migrant and refugee clients including resume preparation, interview skills, guidance on qualification recognition, workplace culture training, identification of jobs and small business opportunities in regional areas, placement into those jobs, help with relocation, finding rental housing, connection with regional mentors and services in regional areas.

Right and Ripe regional areas offers cheaper housing , a better integration experience and welcoming communities that wholeheartedly embrace migrants and refugees as they not only fill jobs which results in growing regional economies but also because majority migrants and refugees moving to regional Australia are young families that help renew regional population especially in area where local schools and government services are closing because of low population.

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