Transurban -

Transurban manages and develops urban toll road networks in Australia and North America.

With more than five million Australian customers using our 13 roads across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, an ongoing focus and commitment to customer service and community resilience is critical to our business.

Our vision ‘to strengthen communities through transport’ recognizes the major role we play in the way our cities move and local communities thrive. Our success depends on understanding the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and working collaboratively toward shared goals.

We know that diverse communities make our cities great places in which to live, work and visit. However, in diversity there are challenges. At Transurban, we are increasingly aware of the rising state of financial vulnerability in Australia, and the numbers of those already struggling in financial hardship.

We are proud to become founding members of the Thriving Communities Partnership from which we draw support for our ongoing journey to improve the way our business listens and responds to customers experiencing difficult circumstances.  As a partner, we look forward to contributing to this leading community of good practice.

Videos and a range of other information tools on how to get help or how to avoid getting into difficulty, can be found on Transurban’s new Linkt Assist web pages.