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Way Forward is the combined effort of corporate and community organisations to support the 2.4 million Australians struggling to meet their day to day financial commitments. With personal finances being the number one cause of stress in Australia, our charity provides two key services:

  • Clarity for people impacted by financial hardship through advocating on their behalf with creditors to establish affordable arrangements, something that those in vulnerable situations can find overwhelming

  • Support through simplifying the repayment process with clients making one payment to Way Forward which is then distributed to all creditors, and, representing them to the creditors for the life of the arrangements

This is a free service with 100% of funds paid by the client going to their debts. Way Forward is funded through charitable donations from the corporate community and promotes active support for those experiencing challenging life altering events.

Way Forward looks to partner with organisations that are aligned and complimentary. Way Forward actively looks to reach individuals struggling with financial hardship and assist organisations in supporting their clients experiencing long term financial distress. We see the advocacy and policy work by TCP to align industry a wonderful support to Way Forwards financial support mechanisms, infrastructure and governance to support individuals in long term financial hardship. Whilst hardship takes many forms, Way Forward focus on long term financial hardship is just one of many segments that TCP is striving to bring together as part of a one stop hub for those struggling with all forms of hardship.

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