Better Practice Guide Project

Thriving Communities Partnership (TCP) and the TCP South Australian Chapter present the Better Practice Guide - Staff Awareness and Training, providing practical guidance for all organisations about current better practices for staff awareness and training. This guide should be used as a reference for key concepts and suggestions that can help to underpin better practice in action.

Better Practice Guide Project

Download: Better Practice Guide - Staff Awareness and Training PDF

Download: Accessible Screen Reader Version - Better Practice Guide

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The Better Practice Guide is aimed at organisations across the entire service ecosystem and is applicable to a cross-sector and cross-industry audience. Though the guide can be used to inform anyone within the organisation, it is the responsibility of key leaders and management to ensure authentic buy-in to better practice approaches.

This guide can be utilised for organisations at all stages of their journey, whether you are new to the concept of vulnerability or experienced in implementing vulnerability strategies.

What is in this guide

The 4 key better practice pillars for staff awareness and training:

  1. Staff Support
  2. Organisation-wide awareness
  3. Collaborating with people with lived experience and across sectors
  4. Job Design and Recruitment

Each key better practice pillar provides:

  • An overview and justification for its importance
  • The considerations that should be included in the key pillar
  • Suggestions for actions that respond to each consideration
  • A series of case study examples that showcase better practice in action

The guide finishes with some recommendations on how to get started, along with some organisations that can provide training or advice.

How can we identify Better Practice?

At TCP we are in a privileged position to work with diverse organisations who desire and continually strive to be better. We are not experts in service delivery or implementing better practice but rather the holders of emerging insight about what better practice looks like at a point in time.

Note that we use the term ‘better practice’ because we recognise that the contexts we work in and the needs of our customers, clients, and staff are constantly evolving and as organisations we must also continually evolve and strive to be better.

Better Practice Guide - Interactive Figma Version

  • We recommend using full-screen mode on desktop web browser rather than a mobile device. 


This project has been enabled by a sponsorship from the SA Power Networks and we thank them for their support.


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