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Welcome to the TCP projects page.

This is your gateway to access and participate in projects addressing vulnerability, hardship and inclusion around Australia. In this project space you can connect and collaborate by starting and contributing to discussions, sharing documents. You can also follow the development of projects as they progress from conception through planning to implementation.

The case for collaboration

Tackling vulnerability and hardship in the community is not an easy job. Collaboration on research and projects are vital to inform the way we support vulnerable communities and achieve our shared vision.

There is a genuine commitment from a range of organisations that are already supporting vulnerable people. But no matter how good our programs and intentions, working in parallel isn’t enough – the only way to bring significant change to the root causes of vulnerability and poverty is to work together in new ways.

We need to collaborate across sectors, bringing governments, the community sector and business together on projects that identify and reduce vulnerability, strengthening our community and economy.  


If you would like to participate or initiate a project, please contact us at contact@thriving.org.au

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