One Stop One Story Hub

Despite rising costs and financial difficulties, many people still aren't accessing the support they are entitled to.

Imagine if just one call meant support from multiple providers - your bank, phone provider, utilities, transport, even your mortgage?

One Stop, One Story...

The OSOS Hub - what is it and how does it work?

The OSOS Hub enables frontline workers in corporate and community organisations to connect and refer their clients to a range of supports through a single access point.

This makes it easier for people in need to access support from multiple service providers, reducing the burden and complexity involved in contacting each individual support program and repeating their story.

“It’s really rare to have this many organisations across so many sectors come together and unite around a common cause. It’s really inspiring to see.” - Tim Costello, Chief Advocate, Thriving Communities Partnership.

Humans at the centre and competition at the door

The OSOS Hub was built knowing what's good for humans, is good for business too.

A partnership where every organisation has your shared customers best interests at heart, providing early identification and intervention for people experiencing vulnerability. Where trust is built with humans and between businesses to change the way we offer support.

The OSOS Hub was co-designed by a wide range of organisations commited to a new way of working and was guided by input from lived experience input throughout.

“This is about making it easier for people to interact with companies. And making it easier for companies to interact with people and community organisations. We will look back on the launch of the Hub as a huge step forward.” -  Fiona Guthrie, CEO, Financial Counselling Australia


Thriving Communities Partnership, alongside all OSOS Founding Partners are proud and honoured to celebrate the OSOS Hub being awarded Highly Commended at the 2021 Shared Value Awards for Collaboration of the Year (Early-stage), a Gold Winner for Social Impact at the 2022 Good Design Australia Awards and Project of the Year at the 2022 Shared Value Awards!

Watch the announcements below:

2021 Shared Value Awards announcement    /    2022 Shared Value Awards announcement

For more information or to get involved, please email Paul Oglethorpe or


Funding Partners

AGL, Commonwealth Bank, Sydney Water, Telstra, Transurban and Yarra Valley Water have provided seed funding to develop and pilot the One Stop One Story Hub digital platform.

Ecstra Foundation are also supporting the One Stop One Story (OSOS) Hub. This multi year grant will assist the Hub's M&E and project growth and scale.

Technology Partner

Infoxchange is the official technology partner of the One Stop One Story Hub digital solution

Co-design Partners (Community & Corporate)

Organisations from across sectors have worked to co-design the One Stop One Story Hub through either the Frontline & Strategic Working Groups and Steerco. These include:

Frontline & Strategic Working Groups: (Community) Anglicare WA, Brotherhood of St Laurence, FC Vic, QCOSS, Uniting Vic Tas and WIRE. (Corporate) AGL, CBA, Telstra, Transurban, Sydney Water and Yarra Valley Water

Steerco: (Community) Dennis Nelthorpe, Foodbank, FC Vic, Infoxchange, WEstjustice (Corporate) AGL, CBA, Telstra, Transurban, Sydney Water and Yarra Valley Water

Participating Partners (OSOS Pilot)

The OSOS pilot has been live since October 2021 and involves the following Participating Partners: Anglicare WA, Anglicare Victoria, Brotherhood of St Laurence, CBA, EnergyAustralia, Financial Counselling Network, Free from Family Violence (FVREE), Mortgage Stress Victoria, Telstra, The Salvation Army, Transurban, Thriving Communities Partnership, South East Water, Sydney Water, WEstjustice, Yarra Valley Water and Variety - the Children's Charity

Advisory Group

Australian Banking Association, Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Consumer Action Law Centre, Consumer Policy Research Centre, Energy Consumers Australia, Financial Counselling Australia, Water Services Association and Way Forward.

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