One Stop One Story Hub

The One Stop One Story Hub resides at the heart of our vision; a one-stop/one-story solution providing a single-entry point to access all vulnerability support services across private, public and community based organisations.

The solution offers consumers and community organisations the opportunity to identify and access tailored support in holistic, simplified and dignified way.

Ultimately, the One Stop One Story Hub is a system solution to building community resilience.

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Why do we need The One Stop One Story Hub?

Customers presenting in vulnerability or hardship experience distress as they are required to continuously repeat their story to each organisation. This emotional burden creates an additional barrier to access as it discourages people from seeking help. Vulnerability and hardship is complex and often deals with customers who have multiple issues that require a range of services.

Currently 49% of Australians sometimes or always struggle to pay their bills, and within this group 44% are too embarrassed to ask for help and 66% don't know what support is available.

Next Steps into Wave 2 – Partner Connections

Following critical assessment of the perceived challenges for the Hub, the current disparity in support services available, and concern for individual safety being paramount TCP engaged with partners on the best way forward. These conversations revealed a high interest from partners to participate in cross referral programs across the TCP community. This interest presents the opportunity to build the first iteration of the Hub as a cross referral tool. Accessible by corporate, community and government partners, in this first build, the tool would not be open to individual members of the community, enabling a safe space to test and learn and evolve the cross referral landscape.

This approach will create efficiencies in front line services and validate the use case of the Hub moving forward. Our vision for a true One Stop One Story tool holds, with future waves to expand access to individuals in the community. We are thrilled to be working with TCP partner Infoxchange to deliver the Hub, and are very thankful to have had their input and support to date.

TCP has been engaging with partners on the roadmap, partner participation requirements and costs for the Hub whilst also requesting grants to fund the build and the program. It has been determined that a business case needs to be provided for investing organisations to secure funding. As part of this business case, economic modelling will need to be completed. We are currently liaising with consulting firms and TCP partners to determine how we can resource and deliver this component.

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