Welcome to the One Story One Story (OSOS) Hub Privacy Statement

We have provided the information below as we take your privacy seriously, and it’s important to us that we are clear about how we will use your information.

Most Popular Questions

What is the “OSOS” Hub?

The One Stop One Story (“OSOS”) Hub is an Australia-first initiative founded by not for profit Thriving Communities’ Partnership. You can learn more about Thriving Communities Partnership here. The OSOS Hub aims to make it easier to connect with the support available from essential service providers by removing the need to repeat your story.

Which organisations are involved in the OSOS Hub?

The essential service providers involved in the OSOS Hub program include Commonwealth Bank, EnergyAustralia, Greater Western Water, South East Water, Sydney Water, Telstra, Transurban and Yarra Valley Water.

The community organisations involved in the OSOS Hub include Anglicare VIC, Bill Crews Foundation, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Financial Counselling Network, Focus Connect, FVREE, Mortgage Stress Victoria  The Salvation Army, Variety - the Childrens Charity, and WestJustice.

I want to know how my details will be used.

The organisations involved in the OSOS Hub are committed to only sharing information for the purpose of you not having to tell your story multiple times, and to provide you with support.

To participate, you will be asked to provide some personal information to be included in a referral. This may include information such as first/last name and safe contact information. This is so organisations that you would like to be referred to can find your account details and verify your identity when they contact you.

You may also be asked to share ‘sensitive’ information. This is the ‘One Story’ bit!  The purpose of sharing this information is to avoid you having to repeat your story again to the other organisation that you are choosing to be referred to. It will also help guide them in offering you the best type of support.

Of course, it is entirely up to you if you choose to share information that's considered ‘sensitive' under the Privacy Act.

It’s important that you know your information is not shared without your consent, and we will never sell or share your information onto government agencies such as Centrelink or the Australian Tax office. All of this is to keep your request for support confidential, and your details safe.

Thriving Communities Partnership will use de-identified information from the OSOS Hub to produce reporting, and to look at how we can continue to improve this service. A Consent script is read out to you by one of our partners (ie Yarra Valley Water) when they create the referral. This is so you understand how your information will be used to help provide you with support. You can also request a copy of this wording by emailing contact@thriving.org.au.

Who can access my information?

It is important for you to know that only the partners that you have chosen to be referred to be involved in your referral, will have access to your information. For example, if you are speaking with Yarra Valley Water and they create a referral to Telstra on your behalf, only those two organisations will have the details of your request for support. Thriving Communities Partnership, who founded the website, will also have access to your information so they can manage any issues and assist partners and yourself when needed.

Our technology provider Infoxchange also has access to the OSOS Hub however they have no need to use your personal information in providing this service to us. Any information that is put into the One Stop One Story website, will be deleted or permanently de-identified after two years. You may also request at any time to have a copy of your information stored in the One Stop One Story Hub, or to have it withdrawn or deleted. This can be done by emailing contact@thriving.org.au.

How we keep your information secure.

Your information will only be stored in Australia and we have robust measures in place to keep it secure.

Thriving Communities Partnership will notify you if we become aware of a loss, unauthorised access to or disclosure of your personal information. If we confirm that personal information has been disclosed to unauthorised recipients, we will also initiate the Notifiable Data Breach Reporting Procedure to report the breach to the Office of Australian Information Commissioner.

I want to know more.

You can read the full Thriving Communities Partnership Privacy Policy here. It’s important to note this is the broader Privacy Policy for TCP. There are some things in there that are not relevant for participants of the OSOS Hub. For example, if you have been referred through the OSOS Hub you will not be put onto any marketing lists from Thriving Communities’ Partnership or other partners.

I have a concern.

If you have concerns or would like to withdraw your information or referral from the One Stop One Story Hub, you can do this by contacting contact@thriving.org.au

If you are not happy with the service provided when using the One Stop One story, either by Thriving Communities Partnership or one of our partners, you can contact us at contact@thriving.org.au. We will make sure someone responds to you within 48hrs.

One last thing…

If you have any general feedback, questions, suggestion or concerns, please reach out to our team at contact@thriving.org.au.

We hope to discuss any concerns or complaints you have with our policy personally, but if you're not satisfied with our response you can get in touch with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by phone (1300 363 992) or online at www.oaic.gov.au.