Resilient Melbourne

Resilient Melbourne 

A resilient Melbourne will draw on the strengths of our diverse communities and geographies, to pursue our shared interests, embrace our differences and grow stronger together. We will help communities prepare for change and whatever the future may hold. We will work today, tomorrow and together, towards a viable, sustainable, liveable and prosperous Melbourne.

Resilient Melbourne is a metropolitan-wide initiative. We collaborate across 32 metropolitan councils, with the Victorian Government and a wide variety of stakeholders and industry partners to promote and embed resilience practice across all sectors that have major roles to play in strengthening our city’s resilience.  

We are part of 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), a global network pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation helping cities around the world prepare to meet the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. Melbourne was selected from 372 applicant cities around the world to be among the first wave of 32 cities to join the 100RC network.

We unite individuals and organisations critical to the resilience of Melbourne and its diverse communities. We offer new ways to address the chronic stresses and acute shocks Melburnians are likely to experience, and to achieve our vision of a city that is viable, sustainable, liveable and prosperous, today and long into the future.

Toby Kent, Chief Resilience Officer

“Resilient Melbourne is proud to become a Thriving Communities partner. Today, the scale and pace of demographic change in Melbourne are unprecedented. We are a proudly diverse city, with a growing population, but with these changes come increasing complexity and uncertainty. Our approach is centred on the strengths of our diverse communities, supporting and enabling them to adapt to accelerating change and the associated shocks and stresses, to survive and thrive, no matter the challenge.

In a city administered by 32 local governments, these shocks and stresses cannot be dealt with comprehensively by a single agency, or by each local council acting independently. Resilient Melbourne offers a rare opportunity to tackle these challenges together, working across sectors in new collaborative ways.” 


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