What We Do

What We Do

Thriving Communities Partnership aims to build deeper connections, networks for collaboration and platforms for collective learning and action to unite and shape a system around what works better for people.

We do this because we understand that anyone can experience vulnerability over their lifetime...

  • Individual - certain factors put people at a greater risk of experiencing vulnerability
  • Organisational - organisations can either support people to thrive or increase harm when people experience crisis.
  • Ecosystematic - society’s challenges have become more interconnected than ever before

Our Projects

Tackling vulnerability and hardship in the community is not an easy job. Working parallel isn't enough - collaboration on research and projects are vital to inform the way we support vulnerable communities and achieve our shared vision.

At TCP, we inspire and facilitate collaboration across sectors; bringing governments, the community sector and businesses together on projects that identify and reduce vulnerability, strengthening our community and economy and innovating new ways of working that help address the root causes of vulnerability.

If you would like to participate or initiate a project, please contact us at contact@thriving.org.au

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