Panthera Finance -

Panthera Finance is one of Australia’s largest debt buyer and debt collection companies, with offices across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Founded in 2010, we work directly with individuals to manage and pay back the debt, providing affordable and flexible credit management solutions that empower customers to restore their financial health.

Panthera was founded on the principles of putting people at the centre of the collections process and we continue to ensure customers who are facing significant financial distress are heard. We are proud to be helping our customers improve their financial resilience and look forward to creating further impact across the community through our collaboration with Thriving Communities Partnership. 


Simon Offord – Head of Compliance and Customer Advocacy

“I’ve worked in the recovery space for 16 years as a collections officer and collections manager through to my current speciality in compliance and customer experience. Over the years we’ve seen a positive change and evolution in the industry, with a greater focus on regulation, honesty and fair practices and a more customer-minded approach to business.

There’s still more work to be done and that’s why we are committed to be partnering with Thriving Communities Partnership to support Australians experiencing vulnerability and financial hardship. We believe this partnership journey will enable Panthera and its sister entities to create deeper awareness and improve the financial resilience of our communities.”

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