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Situated in south-west Victoria, Wannon Water supplies water and sewerage services to a permanent population of more than 83,000 people, including residential, commercial, industrial and rural customers.

Andrew Jeffers, Wannon Water Managing Director

“Our customers and employees live in south-west Victoria and make up the myriad of communities that exist in the region. We believe that strengthening these communities is inextricably linked with building value for our customers. 

Financial vulnerability can have devastating effects on individuals, families and their wider communities. Whilst some groups in our communities are more often impacted by financial vulnerability, it can impact all of us.

Wannon Water recognises that helping our region prosper and ensuring the health and wellbeing of those who live here cannot be done in isolation. The Thriving Communities Partnership provides an important vehicle for working with other like-minded organisations to support everyone in our communities to access what they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.”


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